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Orlando Pereira was born in the famous village of Jardim do Mar and was the first surfer in Madeira Island. He was a surfer competitor and won for several years the Madeira Regional Championship.
Also high competition status he represented the region in the Nacional Surf contests as well was in the World Big Waves Championships (the only one representing Madeira), in Madeira.
He is certified by the Portuguese Institute of Sport with a professional title as a surf coach from the Universidade Lusofona de Lisboa.
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He has worked more than 19 years with Tourism in Madeira Island, working in for the hotel group Porto Bay. In 2012 he has developed and created a full project of accommodation and outdoor experiences, also in his Island. 
Orlando Pereira had the honor and merit to be distinguished with the Bronze medal as Promoter of Madeira island surfing destination as the most connaisseur of the best surfing spots, waves, and weather conditions of the island. having this, he is the most safer guide in the island and everybody want to be with him, following him and his waves.
But not only in Madeira he is known - Orlando Pereira is a recongized surfer in the international market and complemented his experiece and connections when working in a surf travel agency fomenting surf worldwide, including the Madeira spots in the international surfing scheme. He has developed in the last year a strategy to sell Jardim do Mar accomodations and activities. Go and check his profile and pictures in Instagram and Facebook
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